seven centuries of bstila — imik simik: cooking with gaul

Claudia Roden calls it “one of the great dishes of Morocco” and “food for the gods.” Traditionally stuffed with pigeon (now more frequently made with chicken), bstila is a pastry that blends salty and sweet, cinnamon and cilantro. It’s the kind of dish that you can read like an archival document, and its rich history […]

via seven centuries of bstila — imik simik: cooking with gaul

How to get rid of our bad habits.

How to get rid of our bad habits

This is very big problem  of our youngester.when they grow up and meets the people arround their surrounding ,they influenced their surrounding.Once they influenced they get affected by bad habits of people like gambling,robbery,drinking etc.Now I tell you a best method to get rid of this bad habits.When any people go to do bad works than in his mind only one things running and that is how to achieve that goal which I want to.So there are few method which help you to getting rid of bad works.

Method to get rid of bad habits-

1.When you are trying to do wrong work than go that place where lots of  people do some works when you see them to doing work ,your mind think about your work and it will try to do some positive work.

2.when you don’t have any work than mind thinks lot of works,in which some good work and some bad work.Mind has more possibility to choose write if you want to get rid of bad habits than you always involves in some work.

3 Suppose you are involved in’ drinking’ than if you want to get rid of this type of evil than you think what other good things which makes you good or feel comfortable.Once you understand your state of mind than you stop drinking.

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